Updates and Alerts
  02/01/2016 Pre-filled FWS Permit Application for Lion Trophy Import Permits under the New Enhancement Requirment
02/01/2016 Conservation Force Analysis of New FWS Enhancement Requirment For Lions
  01/11/2016 Conservation Force Response in Opposition to Delta Air Lines, Inc.'s Motion to Dismiss Suit over Unlawful Embargo on Big Five Hunting Trophies
  01/10/2016 Helpful Articles to Support Sustainable Use

1. Benson Kibonde, Selous Game Reserve: Is There Any Hope for the Future?

2. Kevin Hurley et al., The Role of Hunters in Conservation, Restoration, and Management of North American Wild Sheep

3. Tom P. Moorhouse et al., Conservation and Animal Welfare Implications of the Increasing Demand for Wildlife Tourism

4. Enrico DiMinin et al., Banning Trophy Hunting Will Exacerbate Biodiversity Losses
  12/18/2015 Conservation Force Response to Canadian Press Article Regarding the Cancellation of African Hunting Events Show
  12/04/2015 Community-Based Natural Resource Management Revenue Sharing from Tourist Safari Hunting
  11/30/2015 Anti-hunting Lobbyists Cost Namibia Dearly (New Era Newspaper Namibia)
  10/15/2015 Conservation Force and Partners Sue Delta Airlines to End "Big Five" Hunting Trophy Embargo

1. Press Release

2. Copy of Suit

  09/16/2015 WWF Position on Trophy Hunting in South Africa
  09/14/2015 Draft AWCP letter to major airlines on shipment of legally harvested animals
  09/01/2015 Cecil the Lion Fact Sheet
  08/13/2015 Longtime Conservation Partner Robin Hurt Warns of Innapropriate Reaction to Cecil Incident
  08/11/2015 CF President John Jackson trophy hunting debate in USA Today
  08/11/2015 CF President John Jackson live on C-Span fielding calls about big game hunting, Cecil the lion, Walter Palmer, etc.
  08/05/2015 New York Daily News Article by John Jackson, President of Conservation Force: Safaris are essential to wildlife conservation and local economy
  07/31/2015 Press statement on the illegal hunt of a collared lion in Hwange District on July 1, 2015 by the Minister of Environment, Water and Climate, the Honorable O.C.Z. Muchinguri at Zim Parks
  07/09/2015 Press Release - The EU Becomes a Party to CITES
  07/09/2015 Information on the EU ban on the import of elephant hunting trophies from Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe
05/14/2015 Dande Anti-Poaching Unit (DAPU) First Quarter 2015 Newsletter released
04/30/2015 South African Airways Cargo Places an Embargo on Selected Endangered Species
04/13/2015 Executive Order at the heart of the electronic registration for firearms exporting
04/13/2015 Where and how to register and declare firearms, ammunition, shotguns and shells for temporary foreign travel - from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Website
03/26/2015 FWS Announces Decisions on Import of Sport-Hunted Trophies to Further Conservation of Rhinos and Elephants

1. Press Release
2. Zimbabwe Elephant Suspension Q&A
3. Zimbabwe Elephant March 2015 ESA Enhancement Finding

03/25/2015 The two online applications to declare firearms for international travel are located here (EIN application) and here (AES application).
03/10/2015 Conservation Force has a new corporate sponsor that is also a conservation partner: Ripcord Travel Protection will be partnering with Conservation Force on select conservation and community development projects.

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01/12/2015 VIDEO: The Elephant and the Pauper: The Ivory Debacle
12/16/2014 Final CAMPFIRE Workshop Report (November 2014)
11/10/2014 See what FWS states about the black rhino import permitting.
11/10/2014 See Black Rhino Permit Applications and Inter-Governmental Communication: 1 and 2
10/29/2014 ESA 12-month Finding and Proposal to List all Lion as Threatened
10/07/2014 Success! Markhor Downlisting Federal Register Notice and Press Release
09/28/2014 Conservation Force will be applying for Land Trust Accreditation. Click here to learn more.
08/27/2014 How We Plan to Deal With Rhino Poaching Crisis - Edna Molewa, Environmental Affairs Minister, South Africa
07/23/2014 Service Confirms Suspension of the Import of Elephant Trophies from Zimbabwe
07/23/2014 Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Council's Letter Recommending an End to the Ban on Elephant Trophy Imports from Zimbabwe and Tanzania
06/13/2014 Conservation Force's Comment Opposing the Interim Suspension of Imports of Elephant Trophies from Zimbabwe
06/12/2014 Letter of Appreciation from Minister Lazaro S. Nyalandu, Tanzania, re: Wildlife Trafficking Conference 2014
06/05/2014 ESA Endangered Listed Sulaiman Markhor from the Torghar Project are Now Importable! Read the Enhancement Finding.
05/29/2014 Federal Register Notice - Revisions to CITES Regulations Including Definition of "Sport Hunted Trophy"
05/21/2014 USF&WS International Affairs - "What Can I Do With My African Elephant Ivory?"
05/16/2014 Request for Reconsideration Filed for the Tanzania Elephant Import Permit Applications That Have Been Denied

1. Request for Reconsideration

2. Index of Attachments

04/07/2014 FWS Suspension of Importation of Elephant Hunting Trophies from Tanzania and Zimbabwe

1. Press Release

2. Q&A

3. Main FWS Sport-Hunting Trophies Page

4. Email Response from FWS Chief of Permits Tim Van Norman

04/03/2014 VIDEO - Conservation Force President John Jackson Debates IFAW President on DSC Black Rhino Permit Auction on CNN's Piers Morgan
04/02/2014 $50,000 Wild Sheep Foundation Grant to Conservation Force
02/07/2014 Hunting: A Great Debate - Article by John Hanks from November 2013 Africa Geographic
12/20/2013 Letter on Behalf of IUCN's Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group Expressing Support for DSC's Namibian Black Rhino Permit Auction
12/05/2013 FWS Revised Proposed Downlisting Rule for Straight-Horned Markhor
11/22/2013 Letter Regarding DSC Black Rhino Permit Auction from Chairman of the African Rhino Specialist Group of IUCN
08/01/2013 Conservation Force's Final Comment on ESA Status Review of African Lion, 77 FR 70727 (Index here)
07/29/2013 Writ Filed with Supreme Court to Overturn Polar Bear Listing
07/03/2013 Wildlife for the 21st Century - Volume 4 (AWCP)
05/15/2013 Motion to Overturn Equal Allocation of New Mexico Non-resident Licenses for Rocky Mountain and Desert Bighorn Sheep, Oryx and Ibex (Terk case)
03/18/2013 Inuit Delegation at CITES CoP16
02/26/2013 VIDEO - The White Rhino: A Conservation Success Story
02/14/2013 VIDEO - John and Chrissie Jackson of Conservation Force accepting the 2013 Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award
01/28/2013 Conservation Force's Initial Comment on ESA Status Review of African Lion, 77 FR 70727 (Index here)
12/24/2012 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation - Final Version
12/11/2012 Conservation Force's Trophy Importation Checklist (Updated December 2012)
12/04/2012 Hunting as a Force for Conservation: John Jackson, III (Outdoorhub.com article)
11/27/2012 90-Day Finding on a Petition to List the African Lion Subspecies as Endangered
11/13/2012 Cheat Sheet - Application Guidelines for Conducting Interstate Commerce and Culling for the Three Antelope
10/12/2012 Article from The Wildlife Professional - A New Forum is Born: Canada's Visionary Wildlife Congress (featuring Shane Mahoney)
10/03/2012 Wood Bison FOIA Suit filed by Conservation Force
08/20/2012 Conservation Force's Opening Appeals Brief for Import of Polar Bear Under the Never Before Used "Enhancement" Section of the MMPA
08/15/2012 Conservation Force's Jacksons to be Honored by DSC
08/08/2012 Joint Plaintiff Final Reply Brief in Appellate Case Challenging the Listing of the Polar Bear
08/07/2012 USF&WS Publishes a Proposed Rule to Reclassify the Straight-Horned Markhor from Endangered to Threatened Under U.S. Endangered Species Act
08/02/2012 Sports Afield magazine interview with John J. Jackson, III
08/02/2012 Petersen's Hunting magazine article on trophy seizures featuring John J. Jackson, III
07/18/2012 The Value of Wildlife Tourism: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa by Conservation Force Board Member Philippe Chardonnet and Sebastien Le Bel
05/17/2012 Our Opening Brief in Markhor II to Overturn Denial of Suleiman Markhor Import Denials
05/03/2012 Conservation Force's Comment on Revision of Regulations Implementing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
05/03/2012 Downlisting Success: Reclassifying the Wood Bison Under the Endangered Species Act as Threatened Throughout its Range
04/30/2012 CIC President Bernard Lozé: "Banning Lion Hunting Endangers the Survival of Lions in the Wild!"
04/30/2012 Conservation in Southern Africa Benefits from Trophy Hunting of Elephants (from CIC Member Newsletter)
04/30/2012 Statement on Hunting in Botswana - March 2012 (from Botswana Wildlife Management Association)
04/02/2012 Our 60-page Brief on Markhor I. The brief tries to save the first downlisting petition filed by Naseer Tareen and get an injunction for better permit processing practices.

The relevant regulations.

04/02/2012 Historic Court Decision in Favor of Wood Bison Import Permits
03/08/2012 Revision of Regulations Implementing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES); Updates Following the Fifteenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties
02/27/2012 FWS Bulletin on Seizure Crisis Issue
02/15/2012 Report: The Significance of African Lions for the Financial Vialbility of Trophy Hunting and the Maintenance of Wild Land
01/30/2012 FWS guidelines on how to complete CBW and Take permit applications for listed exotics.
01/16/2012 Writ filed with U.S. Supreme Court concerning trophy seizure crisis.

Final Rule for Addax, Dama Gazelle and Scimitar-Horned Oryx:

1. Revised letter to ranchers

2. Clarification of points

3. Renewal Permit

4. Captive-Bred Permit (CBW)

5. Take Permit

6. Authorization of Representation

7. Annual Report


11/09/2011 Markhor III Suit Filed for Failure to Make 12-month Finding on 2nd Petition to Downlist
08/09/2011 Antis File Suit to End Captive Breeding
08/05/2011 Conservation Force's Comment on Proposed Elimination of Special Rule for Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Addax and Dama Gazelle
07/12/2011 Memorandum Opinion published in Polar Bear suit
06/15/2011 90-Day Finding on a Petition to Reclassify the Straight-Horned Markhor (Capra falconeri jerdoni) of Torghar Hills as Threatened
06/15/2011 Study of the Lion Population in Tanzania: Their Abundance, Density and Ecology
03/18/2011 Conservation Force/CONAMAR/Tropic Star Lodge Newsletter for January/February 2011
02/21/2011 From the Sports Afield Almanac - A Rash of Seizures of Legal Hunting Trophies Sparks Concern
02/18/2011 Wood Bison Downlisting Federal Register Notice
02/18/2011 CBD Suit to Ban Lead
02/15/2011 National Fish & Wildlife Conservation Congress announcement
11/16/2010 Conservation Status of the Lion (Panthera leo Linnaeus, 1758) in Tanzania
11/08/2010 Conservation Force's Save and Help Rebuild the Piñas Community Program launched
11/01/2010 Conservation Force's Pocket Guide to Aging Lions
10/22/2010 Conservation Force's updated Trophy Import Checklist
09/10/2010 Iran: Legality of Hunting by U.S. Citizens under Presidential Embargo
08/17/2010 Petition to Downlist Straight-Horned Markhor of Torghar Hills from Endangered to Threatened.
07/01/2010 Court grants CF's motion to amend the Zambia elephant complaint to add Jack Atcheson and to challenge the permit denials.
06/24/2010 Second Wood Bison lawsuit filed.
05/27/2010 WFSA 2010 World Symposium on the Ecologic and Economic Benefits of Hunting (EEBH) 400-page publication now online.
04/29/2010 New York crafted trophy case brief.
04/27/2010 Another legal brief to save a scrimshawed ivory trophy seized in Atlanta.
04/22/2010 Panel of Experts Report on Zambia
04/22/2010 Panel of Experts Report on Tanzania
03/04/2010 Polar Bear Brief on "Taking Into Account" Foreign Nations' Programs When Making a Listing Decision
02/26/2010 Conservation Force's Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment in African lion trophy suit
02/15/2010 Mongolian Argali Population Trend 2002-2009 with Reference to Sustainable Use Management by Michael Frisina, Baigalmaa Purevsuren and R. Margaret Frisina
02/12/2010 Amended Complaint in Mozambique Elephant Suit
01/01/2010 Conservation Force's Trophy Importation Checklist
12/08/2009 Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation December 2009 Newsletter
11/04/2009 Achievements and Practical Lessons Learned From a Decade of Wildlife Utilization in Namibia's Communal Area Conservancies by Chris Weaver, Theunis Petersen, Richard Diggle & Greenwell Matongo
10/22/2009 Conservation Force, et al. Joint Motion for Summary Judgment
10/22/2009 Conservation Force's Motion for Summary Judgment in the Wood Bison lawsuit
10/22/2009 Conservation Force's Zambia Elephant lawsuit
05/22/2009 Spot Survey Report on Argali Numbers in Mongolia. Credit is due to Grand Slam/OVIS for sponsoring the survey.
05/20/2009 Conservation Force lawsuit filed over the denial of Mozambique elephant trophy imports
05/20/2009 Conservation Force lawsuit filed over the denial of polar bear enhancement permits
03/18/2009 Response to USF&WS Denial Letter of Seven Polar Bear Permits by Dr. Mitchell Taylor, Included in Request for Reconsideration
03/18/2009 Conservation Force's Request for Reconsideration of Seven Polar Bear Permits
03/16/2009 Conservation Force's lawsuit to stop the unlawful seizure and forfeiture practices of the USF&WS for minor typographical/technical errors.
03/16/2009 Conservation Force's Suleiman Markhor lawsuit filed (Case No. 09 0495 - Judge Henry Kennedy)
02/18/2009 Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation Emergency Funding Request 2009
02/18/2009 Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation 2009 Brochure
02/18/2009 Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation December 2008 Newsletter
02/10/2009 Conservation Force's Suit Challenging the Listing of All Polar Bear, Case No. 1:09-CV-00245, filed 2/9/2009 in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia, before Judge Emmet G. Sullivan.
01/15/2009 Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan (as directed by Executive Order 13443) is released.
01/15/2009 USF&WS Guidance on In-Transit Permitting of Hunting Trophies
12/24/2008 Public Notice Posted at the Request of USF&WS
12/17/2008 Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation December 2008 Newsletter
10/31/2008 Conservation Force files Petition to Revise Regulation and for Suspension of 50 CFR 23.22(c)(1) - shipment requirements for in-transit shipment
10/08/2008 Press Release - Importation of Markhor
09/30/2008 Conservation Force Files Notice of Intent to Sue Over the ESA Polar Bear Listing and Related Trophy Importation Regulations
08/12/2008 Polar Bear Enhancement Permits Filed
06/01/2008 Polar Bear Listed as Threatened
05/23/2008 Conservation Force Leaders Recognized
04/04/2008 Air Travel with Black Powder is Absolutely Prohibited: What You Need to Know
03/15/2008 Breaking News on Argali
11/28/2007 NAPHA Conservationist of the Year Award
11/08/2007 Petitions to Free Seized Trophies Successful
08/16/2007 White House Orders National Hunting Conference
06/02/2007 Press Release: Three Alarming Surprises for the World Hunting Community
04/26/2007 Dollars and sense! Conservation Force Receives $50k Donation
04/25/2007 SUSG Recreational Hunting Workshop Report
04/05/2007 Comment in Opposition to the Proposed Rule to List All Polar Bear as Threatened and other Polar Bear Issues
02/16/2007 News from the USF&WS
02/15/2007 Critical Conservation Program Under Fire - by Ducks Unlimited
02/08/2007 Mozambique Elephant Trophy Import Appeals
  12/27/2006 Proposed Rule to List Polar Bear as Endangered is Released
  12/04/2006 End-of-the-Year Letter
  10/06/2006 Conservation Leader Bertrand des Clers Dies
  10/06/2006 Gala Dinner for Tanzania
  09/16/2006 King of Altai Monument Unveiled
  04/24/2006 The Truth About That Polar Bear Petition
  04/20/2006 The Real Significance if Polar Bear are Listed
  03/23/2006 Polar Bear Crisis is Growing
  02/15/2006 Protectionists File Suit to List All Polar Bear Under the Endangered Species Act


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