The Role And Value Of Hunting

This section is divided between what the hunting experience means to those who do it and the role regulated hunting plays as a service to society in furthering conservation.


I. A. Why We Hunt: What it Means to Those Who Do It

●  Quotations

●  Why We Hunt: Two Important Perspectives

●  Why We Hunt: The Meaning of Trophy in Male Initiation

●  Why We Hunt: An Ancient Activity

I. B. Kinds of Hunting

●  Kinds of Hunting

●  Musings of an Old Hunter

●  Wildlife Management by Aldo Leopold

●  Hunting Fit for Kings

●  How Many Hunters Are There, Really?

●  Hunting Computer Games Top Sellers

●  What Motivates People to Hunt and Fish? by Southwick Associates

●  The Value of Hunting as a Life Experience


II. The Conservation Role, Relevance and Service of Regulated Hunting Today

Hunters are America's Leading Conservationists - The Special Conservation Role and Value of Hunting

Regulated hunting has been the cornerstone and most important conservation development in the 20th Century and continues to be the leading contributor to conservation as man enters the 21st Century. Hunting is an exceptional form of sustainable use that has been proven to create conservation stakeholders, to stimulate conservation incentives and generate operating revenue for conservation budgets; hence, is one of the foremost forces for conservation.


●  Various Quotes Regarding the Important Role of Hunting

●  The Conservation Benefits of Hunting

●  Exploring Our Ancient Roots - The Origins of Wildlife Management

●  Ducks Unlimited Proves How Important Hunters Are

●  The Conservation Value of Tourist Safari Hunting

●  Polar Bear Hunting Serves Survival

●  The Legally Structured Role of Hunting and Fishing in the US and Abroad

●  Two Hunters' Legacies

●  Unhunted Bears Are More Cannibalistic

●  Hunters Did That, Too

●  African Rhino Increasing in Numbers and Value

●  The Role of Trophy Hunting, etc.

●  Be Proud - A Speech by John J. Jackson @ the 70th Conference of the Alberta Fish & Game Association

●  Hunters: Founders and Leaders of Wildlife Conservation

●  Antis Admit Hunting Benefits Deer

●  VIDEO - Wild Sheep Foundation: Mission Video

●  Hunting - A Great Debate

●  Secretary Jewell Announces $1.1 Billion to State Wildlife Agencies from Excise Taxes on Anglers, Hunters, and Boaters

III. Why We Fish: What it Means in Human Terms

●  Why We Fish: What it Means in Human Terms

●  Why We Fish: Its Conservation Service

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