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Antis Admit Hunting Benefits Deer


The Fund for Animals circulates "Hunting Fact Sheet #2." It states that "...the US deer population has grown from fewer than 500,000 to more than 20 million.... primarily because [of] state wildlife agencies'" management. The objective of the Fund's fact sheet is to attack hunting, but its admissions demonstrate the important biological role hunting can have. It explicitly states that "studies" have documented that deer hunting "causes" the following benefits to deer: 1) Hunting decreases "competition for food" and increases the nutritional health of deer; 2) The better nourished deer "have higher productivity;" 3) The hunted deer have "lower neonatal mortality;" 4) Hunting causes "increased conception rates;" and 5) Hunting causes the reproduction rate to "double or triple!" They also admit that buck deer can be hunted without causing a decline in the population by stating that "a single buck can impregnate every doe in the population." This is a contradiction to their frequent claims calling for more expensive studies before any hunting whatsoever is permitted or before trophies are allowed to be imported. Males are biologically surplus.


From the World Conservation Force Bulletin

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