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Barasingha Program 

In 2004 Conservation Force expanded its Barasingha Project in India to cover the remaining populations. We are now providing most of the conservation and support for nearly all of these endangered deer in India, which is the largest remaining population in the world. 

In February 2004 Dr. James Teer field-inspected the three largest remaining Barasingha reserves in India. Conservation Force then expanded its program to the full limit of all remaining populations in partnership with the Wildlife Society of India with funds from Conservation Force's Ranching for Restoration Program in Texas. This has brought the conservation benefits of hunting of listed exotics in Texas to an all time high. No one is doing more to save Barasingha.


Texas ranchers are virtually paying the whole conservation bill for the survival of the species through Conservation Force's program. The program is the definitive example of ex situ hunting enhancing the in situ survival of an endangered species. Conservation Force's Ranching for Restoration Program is also timely helping shield hunting of listed exotic game from anti-hunting litigation that has been threatened.

After 25 years of growth Conservation Force is funding approximately one-hundred thousand dollars of barasingha projects were annum.

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