Black and White Rhino Conservation

Conservation Force has white and black rhino projects in Namibia, RSA, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. The President of Conservation Force drafted the Rhino-Tiger Conservation Act of the USA. The Force funded the final efforts to save the western black rhino in Cameroon before its extinction and most recently spearheaded the import enhancement permitting of black rhino from Namibia and DSC conservation auction for essential black rhino management budget revenue.

See the video below for Conservation Force President John J. Jackson's debate on the merits of the Dallas Safari Club rhino permit auction with Jeffrey Flocken of IFAW on CNN's Piers Morgan show.

Habitat for Rhino is a private Rhino conservation project in Namibia started by the Hurt family in 2014. The main purpose of this project, as the name indicates. is to provide safe habitat for Rhinos on private land.


White Rhinos are an endangered species, with an estimated 20,000 animals left in the whole world, and they are under heavy threat by poaching. We try to do our part to the survival of the species by providing habitat and protection for them, two of the most critical key factors to their survival with human population growth and encroachment. We have an armed two-man anti-poaching team operating on foot, tracking the Rhinos and our borders every day.


Whilst during good rainy seasons, the Rhino rely solely on wild grazing, the hundred-year-drought that has affected Namibia in recent years has made supplement feeding necessary, which comes at a high cost. We are incredibly grateful for the support from donors and Conservation Force, without whom we wouldn't be able to afford the upkeep of the Rhinos.

We started out with 5 White Rhinos in 2014: Big Daddy (*1998), Outjo and Maerua (*2012), Moringa (‘Big Mama’, *2002) and her son Mannix (*2013). Over the past years, we have had five baby Rhinos born within the conservancy, which is a great success.





Robin Hurt Safaris, Gamsberg Ranch, Nami
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The Next Generation Conservation Trust Namibia

The Next Generation Conservation Trust Namibia is one of the most ambitious efforts in the war on rhino and elephant poaching in Namibia. Funded and driven by the Namibian business community, this not-for-profit trust has as its sole aim to put large swatches of Namibia under constant aerial surveillance. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are deployed in problem areas and either stay in the vicinity of protected animals to detect poachers in the area, or patrol conservancies, private breeding programs and reserves to detect potential poachers - day and night. Your support is needed in this ambitious effort to conserve our animals for the next generation. Read More..

The White Rhino: A Conservation Success Story