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Conservation Leadership

For a quarter of a century Conservation Force has been among the leading conservation organizations regionally, nationally and internationally. It was formed by world renown  wildlife education professors and conservationists. ( see Board section for  Founding members).


In North America, The  Force was a founding member of The American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP) and both Dr. James  Teer and John Jackson participated in the founding meeting and formation of that important North American forum. Of course, with Dr Teer being Past President of The Wildlife Society the Force has been active in TWS particularly the International Affairs and Sustainable Use Committees.  DR Teer also served as the first North American Chairman of the Sustainable Use Specialist Group of the Species Survival Specialist Commission of IUCN, which Conservation helped pioneer. The Force has served on five or more standing committees of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies for 25 years.the lists of organizations, committees and  national programs include life members in America’s top  sportsmens’ conservation organization from the Wildlife Management Association to the Wild Sheep Foundation.


Regionally, The Force is  a founding  board member of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation and John Jackson has served as its PRESIDENT,  operates a growing land trust in the mid south protecting coastal wetlands hardwood forests,  has installed important navigation aids in the Mississippi Delta and served to the Black Bear Committee that restored the Endangered black bear and much more.


Internationally,  Conservation Force was  a founding member of the Sustainable Use Specialist Group (SUG) of IUCN which has since become the Sustainable Use and Livelyhood Specialist Group on which 4  Conservation Force Board Members and representatives serve. We are an international organizational member of CIC where we were President of the Sustainable Use Commission and other commissions, divisions and task forces for more than a decade.


We hold honorary and paid memberships in most operators and professional hunters associations to collaboratively secure habitat and positively produce game. This has included  projects around the world from securing giant crocodile in Ethiopia to black rhino in Namibia.


For decades The Force has been a qualified International Nongovernmental Observer ( INGO) of the United Nations, CITES, CMS, and CBD and served on a litany of commissions and committees. John Jackson also served on the Secretary of Interior’s International Wildlife Conservation Advisory Council for its duration.

AWCP meeting at DU Headquarters, Tenness

AWCP meeting at DU Headquarters, Tennessee


Presentation to African Lion Working Group meeting in Kruger National Park.


African Wildlife Consultative Forum

CMS-CoP 13 Meeting with our India Swamp

CMS in India

CMS CoP 13 India


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