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Black Bear Conservation

Conservation Force is a long time supporter, member and partner member of the BBCC Coalition to save "threatened" listed black bear in Louisiana. The program extends to Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.


The mission of the BBCC is to restore the Louisiana black bear to its historic range through education, research, and management of habitat and populations. The BBCC will accomplish its mission through partnerships among stakeholders, credible science-driven management, cooperation, and a genuine commitment to bear restoration. The organization believes that a healthy bear population can be an asset to the community and bears can coexist with other land use objectives. Since its founding in 1990, the BBCC has been reversing those factors that brought about the decline of the Louisiana black bear. Without the support of the general public, and the private landowner in particular, the Louisiana black bear will not recover. By working together, the BBCC believes they can help restore a truly unique and magnificent component of our natural heritage.


Conservation Force holds and administers conservation easements/servitudes in the heart of the "primary" as well as the "secondary" recovery areas. The recovery of the black bear crosses over into our Habitat Program. Click here for more information

America's Black Bears are thriving. We monitor the population status of black bear across N. America and are working on recovery and other projects. View the report.

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