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Ranching for Restoration

This program helps ranchers obtain the two necessary permits needed to breed and cull exotic endangered game species. The USF&WS permits breeding and culling of listed exotics, proved that 10% of the trophy fees are directed to "enhancement" of the listed species. Read More 


Red Lechwe Projects.


Over the years Conservation Force has had red lechwe projects in Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. Over the immediate past 5 years we have funded the aerial survey and status assessment of Red Lechwe in Namibia wetland populations in the bordering countries. In Namibia the conservation actions have been through and supportive of the Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organizations, NACSO. The program has been extended through 2021. Additionally, in 2021-22 we are funding the completion of a Namibia National  Red Lechwe Conservation and Management planning workshop and plan. This is one of dozens of national action plans Conservation Force has over the years.

Wildlife Census-Namibia.png

Community Activities

Community Meetings and Raising Awareness
Capacity-Building Training
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