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Eld's Deer Management

Eld's Deer Burma- We are funding the Ministry's Eld's Deer Management and Implementation of Smithsonian's conservation plan in Burma in conjunction with the IUCN Deer Specialist Group and Smithsonian.

Eld's Deer Cambodia- We have initiated and are funding the first northeast and northern plains survey of Eld's deer of Cambodia, which is two-thirds of their range in Cambodia. We serve on the IUCN Deer Specialist Group's Eld's Deer Task Force and fund a special grant program for Eld's deer conservation within that Specialist Group.

Eld's Deer Laos - We were involved the community-based wildlife management project in Chonnabuly District, Savannakhet Province by helping with the creation of a 93,000 hectare sanctuary for Elds Deer. The project also involved and in-depth focus on 1) Awareness and education, 2) Patrolling and enforcement, 3) Surveys and monitoring and, 4) Providing incentive to villagers for the protection of the deer.

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