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Chrissie Jackson

Chrissie is the Secretary/Treasurer of Conservation Force. She is past-President of the Sables of Safari Club International, and served as a vice-President on SCI's Executive Committee for two years. Founder of Books for Africa, she has also served as President of the Louisiana Chapter and Regional Representative of Safari Club International. She received the Sportsman of the Year award from the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association. She has hunted and fished worldwide with her husband, attorney John J. Jackson, III. She is a Life Member of Dallas Safari Club, the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS), NRA, Safari Club International and the Sables.


Chrissie heads Conservation Force’s Habitat for Hunting Program, which is Conservation Force’s Land Trust Division (conservation easements). She also administers Conservation Force’s Marine Projects Division.


Chrissie hunts with rifle, shotgun, black powder and bow. Her other hobbies include fishing, boating, silhouette shooting, jogging, ocean diving and beachcombing.


Chrissie was a yacht broker by profession, but gave it up to serve and save hunting, fishing and the sporting way of life. Chrissie first hunted with her three brothers when she was a young girl in the piney woods of the Florida panhandle. That is also where she learned to love Gulf beaches and fishing. Later in life, her interests in both hunting and fishing have tracked those of her husband, first through leadership in fishing clubs, then through hunting organizations around the world. Chrissie is the Past Head of the Delegation of the U.S. to the International Council of Wildlife Conservation (CIC) in Budapest and continues to serve on the Board of the Sables of Safari Club International. Chrissie has held several world fishing records including tarpon and barracuda. She's taken many big game animals that are qualified for the world record books, from Boone & Crockett antelope and Pope & Young elk to elephant and Cape buffalo.


Chrissie states, "Few things in all the world are equal to letting an arrow fly at a reeking bull during the rut high in the Rockies. I've made it a permanent part of my life by going every year, as I have Africa 44 times. Nothing offers my husband and me more as a couple or awakens my senses more as an individual."

The women's world record for Elk with gun or bow at the time taken.  
Women's World Record for Tarpon

600 lb mako shark after 3 and 1/2 hour standup fight.


Chrissie with Donald Trump Jr.

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