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Conservation Force operates a division solely dedicated to developing field projects to enhance the survival of listed game species through sustainable use that funds and incentivizes the recovery. This includes “smart projects” that identify, target and directly reduce the primary threats to the listed species. The import of the resultant hunting trophies from surplus males is an essential part of that conservation strategy so we are experts at regional, national and local conservation strategies to recover and perpetuate game species. The issuance of an import permit by the USFWS is the ultimate validation of the success of the underlying activity that addresses the identified threats. In large part because of the technical, legal and biological services we provide the range country and American sportsmen and women the species are recovering. In fact these are among the most successful programs for the respective species in the world. In all cases the populations of the respective populations are benefitting, healthier and growing in abundance as a result of the on the ground programs and conservation permitting services we provide. Witness the black rhino,cheetah, elephant, black face impala, etc in Namibia.

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