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The mission of Rowland Ward is to help preserve and increase the habitat of (large) fauna worldwide by supporting sustainable fair-chase hunting with a direct benefit to the local indigenous people of the areas involved. To further this goal, Rowland Ward maintains an accurate and credible database of measurements of big-game animals from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceana that have been hunted on a fair-chase basis only and under the highest sporting standards.​​

Sports Afield is the world’s premier hunting adventure magazine. Every issue is packed with the information active hunters need: firearms, travel, conservation, new gear, and feature articles about exciting hunts around the world.

Since 2002, Sports Afield—America’s oldest outdoor magazine—has been owned by Field Sports Publishing in Huntington Beach, California. The magazine’s owners have run a successful outdoor book-publishing business, Safari Press, for more than twenty years.

The new owners recast Sports Afield as a magazine for serious hunters who like to read about and experience real adventure. The “new” Sports Afield serves people who have a passion for hunting big game around the world. The magazine focuses particularly on the most popular destinations for big-game hunters: western North America and Africa. Feature articles cover hunting for species such as trophy deer, bear, bighorn sheep, elk, caribou, Cape buffalo, lion, and leopard.

Sports Afield’s primary goal is to inspire hunters with exciting adventure stories about the most desirable game species. In addition, the magazine strives to keep them informed with articles that cover top hunting destinations, the right tools and gear, conservation issues, and the skills they need to successfully pursue a variety of game animals.

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