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Danny Moran

Moving Ahead with Conservation Force’s Land Conservation Program


Conservation Force is the holder of 22 conservation easements. A conservation easement is a legal restriction a landowner voluntarily places on his or her property. It prohibits certain development activities and preserves the conservation values of the land. The right to enforce these restrictions is transferred to a non-profit like Conservation Force, which is also tasked with monitoring the landowner’s compliance. The landowner keeps other rights to the land and may benefit from a tax deduction. To obtain an easement, the landowner obtains a baseline survey of the property and executes a servitude agreement with Conservation Force.


The purpose of our easements is to preserve the land as wild, for the benefit of wildlife populations and recreational use including hunting, fishing and trapping. And they clearly benefit game and other species by protecting the documented conservation values of the land, forever.

Our easements are in three states and total over 4,870 acres. We were recently admitted to the Texas Land Trust Council. To help us continue to grow this portfolio and protect more habitat, we have a new volunteer Director of Land Conservation. Danny Moran is one of the founding Directors of Ecosystem Renewal, a company that establishes wetlands mitigation banks in Texas and Louisiana. He has over 31 years’ experience in this field. Danny will be a great help in obtaining new easements and building a base of protected, private wildlife habitat across the southeast.

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