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Greg Simons (Texas)

Greg Simons graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University in 1987, with emphasis on wildlife ecology.

After graduation, Greg immediately formed Wildlife Systems, Inc., which is a company he still owns and operates today. This company currently operates hunting and wildlife programs on over 800,000 acres of private land in Texas, scattered over many different properties across the state. WSI has been featured in many magazine periodicals and on numerous television shows. This company was named Dodge Outfitter of the Year in 2003 from a cast of over 450 hunting operations in North America. He has also worked with various hunting programs in several other states including Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah, and various foreign countries, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico. Greg is also a partner in Wildlife Consultants, LLC, a company specializing in providing technical assistance for wildlife and land-related needs to landowners, bank trust groups, and others. He is former co-owner of Texas Hunting Directory.

Greg has been actively involved with working on various regulatory and statutory matters relating to wildlife and hunting, especially at the state level, and has helped shape laws through his involvement with the Texas legislature. 

Greg has given presentations around the country, on topics ranging from entrepreneurial areas within the hunting business, hunt marketing, customer service strategies, harvest photography, wildlife management topics, roles that NGOs play in conservation, hunters’ role in conservation, civic engagement, youth leadership development, and various other topics. 

Greg is a past President of Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society (TAMU), past officer in the Texas Chapter TWS, current President of Texas Wildlife Association, serves on the White-tailed Deer Advisory Committee for the State of Texas, is currently on the Board of Directors for the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, is the past San Angelo CVB Board Chairman, serves on the Legacy Advisory Committee for Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Department at Texas A&M University, and has served on many other appointed committees. Greg is also one of the Co-Founders of West Texas Deer Study Group, which is now known as Texas Deer Study Group. He also participated on the Wildlife Conclave Team at TAMU for 3 years, serving as captain on 2 of those teams.

Greg feels that natural resource literacy is perhaps the biggest challenge facing our wildlife and hunting communities. “As society grows more distant from our rural environment, appreciation for wildlife and natural resources tend to diminish. With this, comes a cultural paradigm that places little value on the conservation mechanisms, such as hunting, that are integral in sustaining these resources. We must do a better job of creating relevance for wildlife and natural resources, by positioning education in a fashion where our citizenry can grasp fundamental values of the important role that wildlife plays in a healthy society, and only then can we have an intelligent conversation regarding the role that hunting plays in conservation.” 

Greg, along with his wife and daughter reside in San Angelo, while their son is attending college at Texas A&M University.

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