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Renee Snider

In March Renee Snider was elected to the Board of Directors of Conservation Force. We are so pleased to have a hunter with her level of personal achievement, unequaled experience in hunting world-wide (all six continents), and devotion to nature, people, and the hunting community. She adds unmatchable and up-to-date knowledge to the Conservation Force team and is an excellent addition to our “Leadership” and “Think Tank” components.

There is no substitute for first-hand knowledge from the field. Renee’s volunteer service on the Board will help keep the Force up-to-date and provide first-hand insight that can only come from experience afield and a lifetime of dedication. She truly has a PhD in the hunting world. The following are some of her awards in chronological order.


In 2006 she was the first woman to receive the Golden Malik Award for taking all big game species found in the South Pacific “free range and on-foot.” In 2012 Renee received SCI’s prestigious Diana Award, presented to women who excel in international big game hunting, show exemplary ethics in the field, and devote time and energy to enhance wildlife conservation and education.


In 2013 Renee was the first woman to receive the OVIS Award, the highest award Grand Slam/Ovis gives to wild sheep and wild goat hunters.


 In 2014 Renee was the first female Weatherby Award winner and had the highest tally of big game taken worldwide of any recipient in the 57-year history of the award! Also, in 2014 she received the Ullman Magnum Award for collecting all European big game species.


Additionally in 2014, four days before the Weatherby Award, Renee became the only woman inducted into the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Mountain Hall of Fame. That is the WSF’s most prestigious award reserved for a few who are recognized as true “icons” in the sheep hunting community.


In 2015 Renee received SCI’s World Conservation and Hunting Award for not just the number and quality of her trophies, hunts and countries, but for her conservation work.


In 2016 Renee became the first female hunter to receive the Pantheon Award, jointly awarded by GSCO and SCI. The criteria are the collection of the Grand Slam of North American, Capra World Slam Super 30 of the wild goats of the world, OVIS World Slam Super 30 of the wild sheep of the world, and the SCI World Conservation and Hunting Award.


In 2017 Renee received the International Hunting Award that was established by SCI “to honor the great hunters of the world.” She also became the first woman to receive the Conklin Award “for her dedication of pursuing big game in the most rugged terrain under the most difficult and demanding conditions while maintaining the highest standard of ethics, adhering to the rules of fair chase, and showing a true conservation stewardship for the big game animals of the world.”


The Conklin Award Committee correctly said, “She might be the most accomplished hunter in history, man or woman.” This year she also received the Super 40 Capra and Super 39 Ovis awards from GSCO for her wild goats and sheep from the mountains of the world. Renee serves on the Board of Directors of a number of organizations, including the River Oak Center for Children, Help-A-Child Foundation, Conklin Foundation, and Weatherby Foundation International. Renee has been a friend and contributing supporter of Conservation Force for nearly two decades. Please thank Renee for serving on the Board when you see her.

J. Alain Smith (left) and Jim Shockey (right) present Renee Snider with the super 40 slam award.

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